Publication de Gnome 3.7.2 (source

Plop les bovinautes !!!

La team de Gnome Shell a publié il y a quelques heures la version 3.7.2 de leur bel animal. Celui-ci embarque au bas mot plus de 20 améliorations visuelles et les premiers changements relatifs à l’outil de recherche.

Il embarque également une série de correctifs et d’améliorations tellement importante qu’il m’a été impossible de les traduire. Vu mon piêtre niveau en anglais la nuit n’aurait pas suffit.

Je vais donc lâchement reprendre la série publiée par le site worldofgnome et vous laisser vous dépatouiller avec. Cela dit même si vous êtes nuls en anglais ça ne devrait pas vous poser trop de problèmes, on arrive assez bien à comprendre de quoi il s’agit.

Changements :

Enforce RTL in he for messages that might end up as LTR [Florian; #686630]

gdm: Move logo into the panel [Florian; #685852]

Hide notifications when closed button is clicked [Jasper, Florian; #682237]

Tweak screenShield animations [Rui; #686745]

Restore Fittsability of summary items in message tray [Florian; #686474]

Save screencasts as recent item [Ray; #680647]

overview: Resize window captions on content change [Giovanni, Alex; #620874]

App search: Match GenericName too [Matthias; #687121]

runDialog: Better match style of other modal dialogs [Florian, Allan; #687127]

Improve the button insensitive style [Stéphane; #687110]

network: Don’t use a global switch for all VPN connections [Giovanni; #682929]

appMenu: Update on icon theme changes [Florian; #687224]

Show ‘Log out’ in more situations [Matthias; #686736]

Add a setting to force the ‘Log out’ menuitem [Matthias; #686057]

overview: Improve styling of search box [Stéphane; #686479]

Implement ‘disable-user-list’ in login screen [Ray; #660660]

Fix auto-scroll to bottom in chat notifications [Sjoerd; #686571]

Show feedback notifications when user is busy [Stéphane; #662900]

Disable login button when there is no input [Stéphane; #687112]

Use non-linear overview shade for background [Giovanni, Pierre-Eric; #669798]

Reduce blocking in compositor thread [Simon, Jasper; #687465]

network: new country-specific type to gather providers [Aleksander; #687356]

Update man page [Matthias; #680601]

st-entry: Change the pointer cursor on enter/leave events [Thomas; #687130]

screenShield: Blur and desaturate the background [Giovanni, Cosimo; #682536]

Change height of chat notifications to have more context [Carlos; #665255]

screenShield: Account for motion velocity when hiding [Giovanni; #682537]

screenShield: hide the cursor while the lock screen is on [Giovanni; #682535]

Support remote search provider settings [Cosimo; #687491]

unlockDialog: Improve label of confirmation button [Stéphane; #687656]

userMenu: Rename “System Settings” item to “Settings” [Elad; #687738]

messageTray: Add keybinding to focus current notification [Stéphane; #652082]

Remove shell-screen-grabber [Neil; #685915]

main: Stop using Metacity’s keybinding files [Florian; #687672]

Bluetooth: Remove ObexFTP functionality [Bastien; #688160]

a11y: Also set WM theme when HighContrast is switched on [Cosimo; #688256]

network: Rework multiple NIC support [Giovanni; #677142]

Rework keybindings to allow selective blocking/processing [Florian; #688202]

recorder: Show indicator on primary monitor [Adel; #688470]

recorder: Set frame duration to fix broken video headers [Adel; #688487]

Corrections de bugs et nettoyage :

#686484 – userMenu: Hide menu immediately before suspending

#686728 – messageTray: Fix lightbox 

#686805 – calendar: Handle calendar-server errors 

#686574 – close-window.svg is overscaled in GNOME shell

#686763 – Extensions should be disabled in lock screen 

#682428 – plymouth => gdm transition doesn’t look very good

#687132 – Misc fixes for the login dialogs

#685239 – screen locks with modals still up

#687189 – Drop unnecessary libedataserverui dependency 

#687226 – Chat status chooser – “Unavailable” should be “Offline”

#658091 – Transparent background for available/unavailable IM status menu makes text difficult to read

#670687 – reboot confirmation dialog uses system-shutdown icon

#687457 – layout: Remove message tray pointer barrier

#687242 – keyboard: simplify using Caribou.KeyModel.label

#687287 – gnome-shell-perf-tool: Fix various problems 

#687020 – Screen shield is not lowered on automatic suspend, session can never be unlocked on resume

#686583 – Regression: Dash item labels fail to report accessible names

#661194 – Reject seems a bit harsh for not wanting to pick up the call 

#687491 – Support settings for search providers

#657315 – Highlight application windows when hovering launcher icon

#687958 – power: “0 minutes remaining” when exactly 60 minutes are remaining

#683986 – MessageTray: fix reentrancy when calling out to the grab helper

#688089 – Stop using clutter alpha

#687708 – prevent lock in initial-setup mode 

#686530 – Dash resize is delayed until you enter the overview

#684810 – Text fields in password dialogs expand behavior inconsistent

#688181 – Minor loginDialog fixes

#688475 – st-theme-node-drawing: Group multiple cogl_rectangle calls

#688557 – Login dialog user name – text shadow shouldn’t be horizontally offset

#688507 – cannot toggle messagetray from normal mode (only overview)

#638351 – String translation issues

Mutter 3.7.2

Fix spurious focus changes when showing desktop [Florian; #686928]

MetaPluginManager: don’t send events to Clutter twice [Owen; #686406]

Add the ability to add shader hooks to MetaBackgroundActor [Giovanni; #669798]

Only process keyboard mapping events for the core X keyboard [Rui; #674859]

Import keybinding files from Metacity [Florian; #687672]

Add compositor hook to process keybindings selectively [Florian; #688202]

MetaBackgroundActor: add a setter for GLSL uniforms [Giovanni; #682536]

Misc. fixes and cleanups [Jasper, Rui, Florian, Rico; #688182]

GDM 3.7.2

Various InitialSetup fixes

Ignore pam info messages for automatic logins

Unlock fixes

User switching fix on consolekit systems

Be more robust against empty user shells/home dirs

Create program session log file as root instead of after setuid

Properly reload gdm.schemas on SIGHUP

Bring back gdmflexiserver

Fix shutdown and restart with ConsoleKit (#686125)

Refactor autologin conversation handling (#682467)

Add host authorizations individually (#686186)

Make gdm socket world accessible (#685935)

Allow NULs in X11 cookies (#687691)

Dont set a busy cursor (#687791)

Use a whitelist for gsd plugins (#662220)

Drop obsolete desktop files (#684508)

Impressionnant non ?!!

Si on fait le compte et qu’on examine tout ça à la pelle, on se rend vite qu’à peu près tout ce que compte Gnome a été revu de près ou de loin. Qu’on vienne me dire que cette team n’est pas active après ça !!!

Amusez-vous bien.

Moo !!!

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